Friday, December 4, 2015

Additional DNA Resources from the Owston/Ouston One-Name Study

Since I have a second genealogy blog dealing with my Owston/Ouston one-name study, not all of my articles on DNA are found as part of the Lineal Arboretum blog. To aid readers in finding these other posts, I have listed these below with their appropriate links.

An Analysis of Fourth Cousins and Other Near Distant Relationships – this particular post analyzes matching autosomal DNA segments of family members descending from five sons of a common ancestral couple. This study includes 10 third cousins, once removed; 5 third cousins, twice removed; 43 fourth cousins; and 34 fourth cousins, once removed.

Ancestry Composition of Three Sets of Siblings – this post looks at the differences in the predicted ancestries of siblings as reported by 23andMe. The siblings include three brothers, a brother and a sister, and two sisters.

Another F2642 Y-DNA Mutation Reported – this post reports a second, but unrelated participant, who the National Genographic 2.0 test had reported as being I-F2642. In addition, this individual had an additional downstream SNP not shared by our family.

A New Y-DNA Mutation Found in the Owston/Ouston Family – this post from 2012 that was discovered with the National Genographic 2.0 test. To our knowledge, our participant was the first to acknowledge a new I1 mutation in the Z140 family. The newly discovered SNP was that of F2642. Since this announcement in 2012, numerous men have also reported sharing the I-F2642 Y-DNA haplotype.